Wired Crazy

8 Jul

One of the subjects I’ve covered extensively is the wiring situation in Bangkok.  It’s a mess.  There are wires hanging everywhere.  There are old wires that don’t work and new wires that do.  There are coils of wires.  There are telephone, electricity and cable wires.  There are big wires and little wires.

The last time I wrote about all of these wires was back in April 2018.  Well, I’m back at it again, because I just noticed an article on Bangkok’s wiring craziness in a local website.  It’s a wonderful article with way better photos than I’ve ever shown.  Actually the photos are totally crazy.  I have pulled two of them and put them in the slide show above.  But check out the article, if only for the pictures.  You’ll be amazed.  

The wiring silliness in Bangkok would be humorous if it wasn’t so dangerous, as the two slides above demonstrate.  But there is apparently good news.  I’ve heard that the Bangkok government has now started a program to bury wires.  We’ll see.  For now, just watch your step and don’t forget to look up and sideways and all around, just in case some stray wires invade your space.

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