What the Future Holds

1 Jul

A couple of months ago, I noticed a Reuters article called ‘Fortune-teller plays pivotal role in Thailand’.  Ever since I’ve been coming to Thailand, fortune telling, Feng shui, astrology and other techniques have always played a critical role in the life of Thais.  Surgeons, lawyers, politicians, government officials and everyone else I know goes to astrologers, fortune tellers and Feng shui practitioners.  There are even popular fortune teller websites in Bangkok.  And when walking down almost any major street in Bangkok, one will find sidewalk fortune tellers like the ones shown in the slides above.

Thais being mostly Buddhist also heavily believe in Karma, with its ability to allow for positive edits to counteract negative futures.  I know lots of people who carry notebooks filled with columns of positive and negative merits.  This allows them to assess what their future and reincarnated selves might look like.

Recently, I saw a video on astrology in Thailand that I’ve linked to.  It provides an interesting overview of the importance of this ancient art/science in Thailand.

So have I gotten my fortune told in Thailand during the many times I have visited?  I have thought about going, but really, I didn’t see much future in it.

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