Vendors from the Past

17 Nov

I’ve written about pole hawkers in past entries, the latest being in March 2019.  There are not very many of these people around anymore.  Their work is difficult.  Having to lug a pole with heavy wares around under the hot Bangkok sun is pretty brutal.  These people, mostly older women, have a very tough job to do.  Fortunately, there aren’t many of these folks left doing this type of work.  Street selling is now mostly carried out via carts or bikes, which make hauling stuff much easier. But from time to time, one still sees the traditional pole hawkers trudging along with their baskets full of stuff.

The other day, while walking near the hospital, I came across an older lady hauling her goods with her pole.  It was hot out, and I felt like there had to be a better way for her to earn a living.  I guess she was unable to afford a cart or a bike.  She was left with only the bamboo pole, two baskets and a stool with which to earn her living.

Like I say, there are not many of these types of vendors left, which is probably a good thing.  However, when one sees one of these folks, there is a feeling of concern intermixed with a view into the history of street vending in Bangkok.

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