Trash Hero to the Rescue

28 Aug

Trash heroes collect garbage in Hua Hin


For the last few years, in addition to sponsoring the huge December marathon in Bangkok, the hospital’s foundation has also sponsored bike and running marathons in Hua Hin, a resort town about 90 km southeast of Bangkok.  Hua Hin was the summer home of the king.  I had last been there in June, 2016.  Hua Hin is a quieter, more sedate resort city, when compared to Pattaya or Phuket.  In many ways it’s an easier, less rushed place to stay.

The proceeds of this year’s marathon, entitled Run for Sea, held in March, went to a group called Trash Hero.  This is an organization that works hard to keep the world clean.  Members go to beaches, for example the ones in Hua Hin, and remove as much trash as possible.  Plastic bottles, old tires, netting and all types of refuse are removed from beaches.  This is a good organization with which to work, and we’ll continue to sponsor them in upcoming events.

The weather at the start of our visit to Hua Hin was great.  It was cool with a nice breeze.  The views of the ocean and adjacent palm forest were beautiful.  Picturesque fishing boats dotted the beach. Little Thai icons were perched on ledges.  There were many Trash Heroes of all ages and it was amazing that, even on this apparently clean beach, bags of trash were collected. The hospital had brought a team of staff members and students to help in the cleaning efforts and even brought one of the drones from the hospital’s fleet to take lots of video of the event.

As the day wore on, the clouds became thicker and more intense.  The remnants of Typhoon Pakhar were heading towards Hua Hin.  We could see water spouts in the distance.  We decided to leave the beach and head to a local street restaurant called Moom Muum, which loosely translates to ‘Glutton’ in English.  Food was eaten, proceeds were provided and speeches were made.

As the rain came down in huge sheets, we ate and waited out the storm.  A man on horseback rode by braving the torrential rain.  When the rains finally ended, the sun came out and two more riders on horseback meandered past the restaurant.  We then piled into our vehicles and headed back to Bangkok.

6 thoughts on “Trash Hero to the Rescue

    • Yes, they are really beautiful. These are traditional fishing boat designs which probably go back many years. It’s the colours that are really lovely. It seems like no two boats have exactly the same colour scheme, even though the basic designs are the same.

  1. Trash Hero’s have an equivalent in most Vietnam cities it seems. All that crap that washes up from China I guess . Sadly that sea has a lot of plastic as the older generations (especially on ‘that’ side….) just dumped stuff in the sea.

    In canada we should have Trash Heroes. They could drop by my office and remove some people I dislike (only kidding) or maybe in Canadian politics frighten politicians?

    It is a good idea, seriously, as those beaches across the region have a lot of plastic.

    Oh, the colourful boat idea as you know well Skip it comes from that cross road of the world, St. John’s Newfoundland!

    Jelly Bean Row!!!!


    Always somewhat confused

    • I love the idea of the Trash Hero guys possibly picking up some politicians. I have one in mind. (But I guess he would call them Fake Trash Heroes.)

      There is a tremendous amount of plastic on the beaches, often in little bits, which gets ingested by fish and then by us, so cleaning is important.

      And yes, those boat paint schemes are definitely from St. John’s and the Outports. No questions there. They are even arranged in the same way that Outport houses are arranged – you know – kind of randomly.

  2. Chaos theory colour schemes not unusual. I see it in some restaurants in canada and even in non public areas of hospitals here.

    Plastic Ingestion trump would say is his way of getting back at the Chinese trade imbalance….or is that fake news, as plastic has not existed since Tang fruit drink went off the market?

    Outport Newfoundland is where extra terrestrial beings will visit first when they finally arrive on our shores….to check out real human beings, get a great fish dinner (but usually overpriced…) and get ideas on what colours to paint their space ships in really cool colours that cannot be found in the universe….so far anyway….

    Still confused


    • It’s not chaos theory at all. When the Outport guys or fishermen guys in Hua Hin get really drunk, the unique colour schemes help them find their houses and boats. It’s genius.

      A Plastic Ingestion Trump (PIT) similar to a stomach pump. There’s a lot of bile in both.

      Outport colour themed space ships would be awesome. Perhaps when you’re not in Hollywood, you can suggest this to George Lucas.

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