To Serve and Protect

5 Mar

In a tiny non-present kind of way


This will be a very short entry as I had to go out of town for most of the day to work on one of our projects some distance from Bangkok.

The other day, while walking to our geriatric hospital site, I came upon a small kiosk type structure planted right in the middle of the sidewalk. One sees these little structures on many of Bangkok’s sidewalks. They are mini-police stations that are supposed to offer community policing support. The idea is that there is a place on the street that people can call upon if they have a problem they think the police can help solve. Of course the concept only works if there is actually someone available. As I mentioned, there are a lot of these little box-like mini police kiosks all over the city, but most of the time, I have never actually seen anyone in them, so I have no idea how the Bangkok police undertake their community program with no representatives in the booths. But perhaps I’m missing something.

These little buildings can be found all over Bangkok, smack dab in the middle of sidewalks, making it a little difficult to get by. However, even though they are a bit of an obstacle, they are a clear statement that the intent of the Bangkok police force is to serve and protect, that is when someone is actually in.

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