The Bangkok Blog: Why the Redesign

Not too long ago, the Apple web-making program that I had been using since 2006 was essentially discontinued and the hosting site Apple provided was also destined to be canceled, so an opportunity to change the site, and improve it, presented itself.

Instead of just being simple-minded (sensible) and redoing the straightforward blog, I decided to build a web site that could be more robust. This new site, in addition to containing the blog entries, has photos, movies and literally mounds of entertaining content, for those times when more interesting activities are not available. And if you don’t take a look at the additional content, that’s fine. At least I learned how to build a web site.

You’ll still be able to enjoy the original Blog sites by pressing
The Old Bangkok Blog Archives button, just in case you want extra helpings of Blogging entries. (There were actually two sites with their own archives, which go back to January 29, 2006. All of this stuff is available in the archives section of this site.)

Unfortunately, the comments sections of the Blog entries did not survive the move from the older domain to the new one. (Shame on Apple for not allowing that.) You will therefore miss the witty commentary and have to settle for just the entries. Such is life.

So, welcome to the newer and even more improved Bangkok Blog.