The Bangkok Blog: What’s With these Towel Elephants

So what’s with these towel elephants, you might be asking. (After all, you did press the link button.) Some guys, when they reach middle age, buy a sports car or a motorcycle, to somehow demonstrate to themselves and others that they are not really getting older. Some guys even try the mistress route. Not me. I took up napkin and towel origami. Yes, that’s weird, but at some point, while traveling through the middle years, I started to fold napkins and towels in interesting ways. I can fabricate artichokes and Sydney Opera Houses. I can create monkeys and elephants.

What does this all have to do the Bangkok Blog? Well, it has allowed for the production of two Blog entries. You should take a look. You’ll likely be amused at the silliness of it all. For example, elephants are sacred in Thailand and so making a towel elephant has real significance as I once discovered in a hotel where I left a towel elephant and swan as a joke.

So, as I wonder through the middle years embracing napkin and towel origami, I invite you to check out past towel related Bangkok Blog entries. There is one from
February 10, 2006 called “What Do You Do with Your Towels?” and another from July 13, 2008 called “Trunk Off (That’s Like a Face Off)”.