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The Bangkok Blog: The Movie Theatre

Over the years I have produced a number of short movies to accompany my Bangkok Blog entries. Most of them were pretty silly, but they generally told a story about an aspect of Thai culture that some might find interesting, or perhaps amusing.

Occasionally, I refer Bangkok Blog readers to one of these movies, but that means that I have to find them and the viewer has to link to them and all that takes time. Actually, the most time consuming exercise is trying to find which Blog entry contained which movie. So, in this newly revamped Bangkok Blog website, I have decided to collect the most interesting movies in easy to find archives so that viewers could just watch them whenever they wanted and so that I would actually know where they were, without spending too much time searching around.

So welcome to the movie corner of this website. Just follow the links below, to a festival of movies, most of which are bad. However, some of them are bound to be okay and even somewhat funny.

There are actually three movie archive collections. The first two are from the original Bangkok Blog. The movies in these archives are listed in alphabetical order because I was too lazy to develop a real date/type/content classification system, so just select the movies randomly. It’s probably better that way. Mind you, there won’t be a context, but maybe that will make the movies better. Who knows? (The original Blog entries had both movie and text, that were connected. The movies in the archive are without the text, so you’ll have to use your imaginations a bit, because you probably won’t have any idea what the movie is about.)

There are two old movie archives because I thought that one would contain too many to go through, so I split the collection into two sections. The third collection will contain movies produced since this new site was built. So far the contents of this archive are pretty sparse.

When you get to the movie page, just click on a movie of interest and enjoy the show. (You might want to bring a bag of popcorn when you enter the movie page.)

Click Here for Archive 1: Original Bangkok Blog Movies

Click Here for Archive 2: Original Bangkok Blog Movies

Click Here for Newly Produced Bangkok Blog Movies

Click Here for the Big Movie Index Page

The actual movies are small in size so that I could save space in my Blog and not have to force those viewers with slow Internet connections to wait too long for something to happen. When you click on a movie, a new window will appear and the film will start to stream. Just get your reading and/or magnifying glasses ready to watch the shows. Hey, you didn’t expect Technicolor 3D productions did you?

There is one more thing. I have recently started to produce full screen movies. There are not many of these yet, but maybe there will be more - you never know. You can find a listing of these full screen movies
HERE. Check them out. They are bigger and maybe better.