KNT 1 Construction Pan.1
1. New Building Construction Panorama

KNT Garden Pan.1
2. Geriatric Garden Panorama
The Bangkok Blog: The Panorama Index

Recently, I have been messing around with panoramic shots using the camera in my phone. I am using a program that allows you take a lot of photos that then get stitched together to create a panoramic view around and through which you can navigate. It’s a cool concept and I thought I would keep a listing of these shots on the Bangkok Blog site so that you could get panoramic views of some of the sites that makeup the Bangkok Blog. So here is an index of panoramic shots for your navigating pleasure.

On each panorama, you’ll see some symbols at the bottom of the picture: The
- makes the picture smaller; the + makes it bigger and the little box on the right converts the picture to a full screen view. To swoop around the picture, just put the cursor on the picture, press the left hand mouse button and drag the cursor around. You will then see what I saw when looking around while snapping away.

The Panorama Index: (Just press the descriptions below, or the pictograms to the left, and off you’ll go.)

  1. This panoramic shot is of the construction of the new procedures building at the main acute care hospital site. The panorama shows all the buildings as seen from the street. I’ll do a new one when the building is complete.
  2. This panorama is a view of the garden in our geriatric rehabilitation hospital. It’s a pretty nice garden. Patients and staff come here to eat, relax and generally hang around. Because of the high trees, it tends to stay cool on even the hottest days.