The Pre-Wrap Up Wrap Up

7 Mar

Some random thoughts


This is my second to last day in Bangkok during this visit. Since I have made it a tradition to do the last day’s Bangkok Blog entry on the food I have eaten during my stay, this entry will be the pre-wrap up to the final wrap up. I have some random points to cover in what has been a very busy visit. We continue to construct buildings on our two hospital sites. We are soon opening our latest clinic in a major new Bangkok development. We are working on projects in Hua Hin and Pak Chong. We are also, it appears, entering the China market. All in all my trip has been a hectic one.

The slides above highlight my random, pre-wrap up thoughts, which are noted below:

  • Spirit houses continue to dominate my interests. They are lovely to behold and have wonderful inhabitants.  The Spirit House at my apartment continues to be carefully maintained and is, as always, in perfect condition.
  • Aquarium fish here are often sold here in old whiskey bottles. I don’t know if the fish get any remnants.
  • In my part of town, foreigners used to be a rare, often never to be seen sight. But with the coming of the Skytrain and some locals malls, sightings are now more common. Just a couple of blocks from my place, there is a new student/backpacker hostel called The Little Pig. It seems to be pretty popular. The name is very Thai. (One of our colleagues actually has a marketing company called The Flying Pig, so there you go.)
  • The wrapped buildings under construction in Bangkok are still the best. Contractors do a brilliant wrapping job during construction. I think that many of them should stay wrapped.
  • I noticed, a few blocks away from the hospital, a beautiful example of street art framed in Bangkok style wiring. That covers two posts topics in one photograph.
  • An escaped dinosaur was caught and transported through the streets of Bangkok back to its park home. That was a strange sight. No one was hurt.
  • Our hospital billboards, including the ones of me, are going up all over Bangkok, as part of a major marketing campaign.  The sign on top of the acute care hospital looks particularly dramatic at night and can be seen from a few blocks away.

Tomorrow’s final instalment of the Bangkok Blog will be the food issue.

6 thoughts on “The Pre-Wrap Up Wrap Up

  1. Ok so funny little houses, wierd looking little pigs and sheep and laughing, psychopathic looking little people; and now a captured dinosaur…. Where are you??? What is happening over there???
    I’m afraid, I’m very afraid!

  2. PS. I have gotten used to the little guys and animals in the spirit houses. They get a pass, but pigs in hats, raptors in trucks and far angst on billboard…??
    Btw, where are you shown now? We need a new sign.

    • Wow, lots of comments. This is a record for one session of commenting. I will reply in order:

      1) No need to be afraid. This is Thailand. Enough said.

      2) As to pigs in hats and raptors? This is Thailand. Enough said.
      (I turn up on highways, but I have not got any new shots. Maybe I’ll get one before the end of this trip.

      3) You’re right. I should have written ‘farangs’ – not foreigners.

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