The MBK Night Market

25 Apr

Walking back in time in a modern city


Just after meeting with my colleague and his family at MBK, we started our walk to the Skytrain on the way back to our apartments.  As we got out of the mall, we entered into the MBK night market, which is all about food.  Of course it’s all about food.  This is Bangkok and food is everywhere.  This market was really awesome and extremely busy.  The variety of foods was amazing and the atmosphere was equally wonderful.  The market is spread out just outside the mall and forms a pathway to the Skytrain platforms.  It’s a very clever way to capture customers, as the sights and smells of the food are hard to resist.

Walking through this impromptu night food market in the downtown core of Bangkok, one of the busiest cities in the world, we saw some pretty exotic fare and people. It was a trip back in time.  Too bad Toronto has such a restrictive and pedestrian view of the value of street food.  These Bangkok markets draw people from everywhere – like magnets.  There is nothing better than food to create a lovely and lively social space.  Toronto city councillors, seeing this space, would probably suggest that it was a health hazard or maybe a walking hazard because it blocked the sidewalks.  But here in Bangkok, these markets that spring up during the day and night and which do block sidewalks are not a health hazard, but actually a health enhancer.

4 thoughts on “The MBK Night Market

  1. How do they make it through all that food? Really, where does it all go? It is truly one of Thailand’s great secrets

    • I am pretty sure it all gets eaten. We were there early and some of the stalls were already beginning to be low on product. There are a lot of people – Thai and foreigners – who seem to eat a lot of food. It seems like Bangkok is all about eating, all the time. One meal blends into another.

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