The May 2017 Food Issue

25 May

Another Visit Full of Food Extravaganza


The last Bangkok Blog post of every recent visit has been the food entry.  This is the easiest one for me to write, as it’s basically a food photo entry.  This post presents a photo journal of the food I ate, mostly at the hospital sites, during this trip.  As is always the case, the food is 5-star restaurant quality, even though it’s prepared in a hospital or in a hospital owned restaurant kitchen.

Food is such a huge part of Thai culture.  Even those who are sick get the very best prepared by chefs who love food.  We prove, over and over again, that hospital food does’nt have to be bland or taste bad to be good of you, no matter what your dietary needs might be.  As you look through the photos, you’ll also note how important the presentation of the food is.  The kitchen staff spend a lot of time, just like in fancy restaurants, ensuring that the presentation is well done.  This is done for everyone and not just for me.  Every patient and visitor gets the same great tasting, healthy and wonderfully displayed dishes.

For those one or two of you who are interested, the photo of the drink shown in the second slide is of a special concoction made up of soda and what are generally called Asian Pigeon Wing flowers.  The flowers are grown in one of the hospital’s gardens, harvested and then crushed and blended into the soda.  The drink is beautiful to look at, taking on the lovely purple colour of the flowers and it also tastes wonderful.

So this is the last entry.  It’s been a hectic visit, as always, with a new school building and nursing home opening and with four new clinics also opening soon.  There is also a huge push to develop a new software and application platform to present our entire health network to clients in Bangkok.  And a very large project in China is looming, just on the horizon.  It’s been a busy time and will continue to be in future visits.

And since almost every meal ends with a dessert, the final slide shows the famous Thai fried banana dish, a staple and tradition for Thai meal endings.  The hospital-made version of this dish is amazing.  It’s not greasy and always delicious.

Until the next time, bon appétit. (อร่อย)

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