The Food Entry

7 Sep

This visit’s last entry is all about – what else – food


Today is my last day in Bangkok.  During every trip, the last entry is the food entry.  This is the post that highlights the amazing food I ate, mostly at one of our healthcare sites, but also in some other places as well, like the Thipsamai and Royal Dragon restaurants.  Our health facilities are known for the quality and awesomeness of their food and this trip’s meals were as good as ever.  Not only do they taste great, but they are generally beautifully presented.  And, because I’m a westerner, the chefs assume that every so often I should have a western meal, so you’ll see some steak and french fries thrown in for good measure.  There was even the odd spaghetti dish served up, mind you, with a wallop of chili in the innocent looking sauce.

But I have a couple of little extras to add for this final food post.  In addition to the normal food porn shots of what I ate, I also wanted to mention the wonderful celebration that was held earlier this week at the hospital.  It was a religious day – although not an official holiday – and the food offerings for the Spirits abounded.  I did not eat any of these offerings as I’m not a Spirit, but I thought that you might like to see a what the buffet table had to offer for those hungry guys.  I have to say that those Spirits have a pretty wide range of food interests.  Check out slides 32-36 for a view of the spread. (How about that pig’s head?  Talk about unusual interests!)

The final food related topic on offer is a bit self congratulatory.  (Or maybe a lot.)  I’ve been coming to Bangkok regularly since about 1985 and generally, except for the rare occasion, have eaten at restaurants or at our own facilities.  Why wouldn’t I?  At the hospital, the food is always wonderful and free. The restaurants I go to have great offerings and are very inexpensive.  They’re always close and there are no dishes to wash. In the 7-8 years since I’ve had the apartment, I think I’ve only used the stove twice to heat up soup and I’ve used the microwave a couple of times, once to burn popcorn.  But this visit turned out to be a bit different.  Because of some intense rain which kept me indoors I, for the first time, used my stove to make an omelette.  Those who know me would probably say that this was unthinkable and unbelievable.  They would likely say that I didn’t know how to make an omelette, but they would be wrong.  I made an omelette – actually three – omelettes during my stay, as I had a half dozen eggs that I didn’t want to waste.  They tasted great but, each time, used a lot of dishes for one stupid omelette. (My omelette slides, for what they’re worth, start at photo 37.)

Don’t get any ideas that I will adopt this new cooking pastime.  I will not.  On future visits, I’ll continue to eat at the hospital facilities, which make better omelettes that generally get turned into Pad Thai, and at local eateries that are cheap and wonderful and don’t ask me to wash dishes after the meal is done.

Good-bye from Bangkok.  Until the next time…………

10 thoughts on “The Food Entry

  1. In the spirit of omelets yet to be eaten, bon voyage dear written of this blog. I bet there night be dishes just waiting to be washed on arrival home and probably not even one cooked pig’s head, and who would miss that anyway?

    I guess it is all Kosher if you don’t touch it

    Even the dishes

    Hope you are okay. Your writing puts Jo Ann Kates to shame Skip


    • No worries. I understood the gist of what you were getting at. Maybe Blackberry should have hung in, as their keyboards were presumably less error prone. But no matter, we live in an age of typos and new spelling alternatives.

  2. Blackberry’s error was not giving away BBM early in the game, amongst other issues.

    I like the quirky nature of my BlackBerry in an I phone world

  3. Yes, I believe so.

    After a rum and coke us elders need all the help possible

    Well, okay, no available rum and coke ( available but I refuse to pay 6 euro….) just rather cheap rose vino but at least crashing waves 5 feet from my table, so a trade off

    Never knew your blog would be so entertaining from a stranded airplane seats a week ago or from nowhere Greece

    I salute and thank you for your most informative electronic wire!

    Bravo Skip!

    Well done!


    • Nearby crashing waves and wine. That’s a good combination. Thanks for the compliment. It’s appreciated. And, the coke would just raise your blood sugar anyway.

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