The First Scanty Post of This Visit

18 Jun

You can’t expect very much on the first entry


I arrived in Bangkok late on Wednesday evening and grabbed a taxi to my apartment.  At the start of my trip I had taken the new express train from Union Station to Pearson Airport and it was actually pretty good.  But it only works, in my view, if you live near a subway stop as I do.  Otherwise the convenience factor drops to zero.

It took a while to get organized once I arrived at the apartment, so this first entry of my visit will be really short and fairly uninteresting.

When I got to work on Thursday morning I took a walk around the acute care campus, where I commandeer an office during my stays. As always, it seems like the construction at this site is never ending. A new building is starting construction shortly. It will house a new kitchen and lots of classroom space for the school. There will also be more parking made available, as we are always short on that, just like every other hospital I have ever visited.

Our relatively new procedures building has a new King’s crest and flag banner extending all the way down the front face of the building. Since the building design, at least on the exterior, is pretty drab, this new banner adds some colour and makes the building look a little better.

Another new addition to the site a glass elevator in our old building that takes patients to a second floor clinic area. The elevator adds a nice touch to the street face of the building. Having said that, the elevator is only two floors high so the views from the cab go by within seconds.

And finally, on the site of the soon to be built kitchen/education building, I noticed a lovely, but lonely, Fuller Brush lying on the ground. (Check out those nice pink accents.) It was, no doubt, waiting to be used as a major piece of construction equipment. (Oh my, a reference to a Fuller Brush in the very first entry of this trip. How awesome is that?!!?)

One hopes that the next entries will be a little more robust.

By the way, on a minor housekeeping note, I should point out that the napping Tumblr version of this Blog, which no one ever looks at, now has been fixed to allow for one photo to be added to each entry.  This photo replaces that ugly error image that was showing up.  As I am sure I wrote somewhere, the only reasons I am keeping this Tumblr version up is for backup purposes and some irrational nostalgic link to the format.

4 thoughts on “The First Scanty Post of This Visit

  1. I do like the drapery over the new building. Gives that drab facade flair, like a well flung scarf.
    And all your blog posts are important even the snoozing older ones.

  2. I just noticed that part of the curtain covers a main vent area for the surgical suite. I’ll have to bring this up as it could cause problems. So much for good drapery design.

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