The Canal Line

13 Aug

A colourful walk along Bangkok’s canals


New York City has it’s High Line.  Toronto has its ravines.  These are places where people can take a walk while experiencing a bit of nature and a bit of the city. 

While Bangkok has a place called the Green Lung.1 The Green Lung is similar to Toronto’s ravines, but I never thought that Bangkok had an equivalent to New York’s High Line.  But it does – sort of.  This walkway is called the canal line and it’s located in the heart of the city, near the big shopping malls and office buildings, along one of the canals.  The walkway, located on both sides of the canal, is a narrow set of paths that allow people to experience Bangkok’s canals, its high-rises, its amazing graffiti, and also some awesome bars, cafés and art galleries.   

As canal ferry taxis speed by, you can enjoy a drink at a bar or go to an exhibition at a gallery with their access right onto the walkway.  You can, on a walk that takes you away from traffic, move from one part of the downtown core to another on a path that takes you through old Bangkok, with its canal systems, its ferries and the residences and shops that face right onto the path.  It’s pretty cool.  

In my many years of coming to Bangkok, I never knew that this pathway existed.  It’s just another example of an amenity that takes one away from the city’s congestion, but in a pretty cool and very colourful way.

I mentioned graffiti, which you can see on this canal walk.  Tomorrow, I’ll take you on a tour of what has to be the coolest graffiti park anywhere.


  1. My visit and entry on the Green Lung taught me that the authorities in Bangkok are at least trying to clean up the city. I took another bike ride through the Green Lung on my Sunday and it was amazing again.

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