The Bangkok Blog in Toronto…Again

27 Jul

We’re back in Toronto for a month


For most of the month of July, we had two visitors from Thailand staying at our home. Puffy and Tarn are the daughter and friend of one of my colleagues in Bangkok. During their stay, we did lots of stuff, including the apparently necessary Niagara Falls, the wonderful Butterfly Conservatory near Niagara on the Lake, skydiving at the iFly facility in Oakville as well as a bunch of other stuff. Two of our other activities included watching the women’s bronze medal basketball game during the the PanAm Games. It was a great game. (Cuba won over Brazil.) The other activity was spinning (slowly) around at the CN Tower restaurant on a lovely evening. This gave the girls an incredible view of the city and the lake.

Of course there was lots of eating, mostly at home, which was unusual for these girls, as their families and most Thais generally eat at hawker stalls, roadside shops or at air-conditioned restaurants if they can afford it. The girls liked the in-home eating as it was relaxing after their days at rowing and leadership camps. Staying at home also allowed them to watch every episode of the British version of Sherlock Holmes.  And there was one night when Thai food was available just to keep the girls from being home-sick.

All in all the visit was fun and eventful. I am assuming that the next Bangkok Blog will probably come from Bangkok. But who knows, it does seem to get around.

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