The Art Train

22 Aug

Getting back on track


This is my first day back in Bangkok so, as always, the Bangkok Blog is going to be a bit slow to gather steam and move forward.  A couple of days of getting back to work here will get me back on track again.

Speaking of tracks, I have written a lot, in past Bangkok Blog entries, about the Skytrain.  I use it almost everyday during my visits to Bangkok.  Since its start about 18 years ago, getting around the city has been transformed from nightmarish hell to pretty pleasant.  Unlike Toronto’s transit system, the development of which has been slow, Bangkok’s skytrain and subway systems have grown at an astonishing pace.  It’s easy to get almost anywhere in the city very quickly.  This is a relief because the traffic has and continues to be crazy terrible.

The other thing I have written about a lot is the public art scene in Bangkok, mostly related to graffiti projects all over the city.  Graffiti in Bangkok is pretty cool and it has now found a moving canvas on a Skytrain.  In a recent crowdfunded project, money was raised to completely cover the inside and outside of a BTS train with artwork done by a well known artist in Bangkok.  It looks pretty cool.  The original funding video is shown below.  The actual crowdfunding site is here.

My hope is that on this visit to Bangkok, maybe I’ll get to ride on this art train.  It sounds like it could be a really great riding experience.

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    • That’s true. I guess the difference is that this work was not meant to advertise anything like phone companies or laundry detergent. The TTC would not likely put up an art piece on one of its buses, streetcars or subway cars without advertising revenue. Besides, I needed to write about something on the first day here.

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