Rescue Rangers

7 Nov

If you’re in the healthcare business and have hospitals as part of the mix, then you need to have some ambulances.  We have a pretty large fleet as well as a couple of mobile clinic buses.  But we don’t only see our own ambulances at our emergency departments. We also get to see lots of so-called rescue ambulances.  These are vehicles that often arrive at accident scenes kind of like tow trucks do on the Don Valley Parkway or 400 highways in Ontario when there are accidents.

The injured are taken by the rescue ambulances to nearby hospitals.  There is a compensation system that allows the owners of these vehicles to get paid by the hospital, insurer or victim.

The reason I bring up these vehicles is not so much to talk about the weird rescue system in Thailand but rather to talk about the vehicles themselves.  They are all quite garish and cartoonish.  Our vehicles, one of which is shown in slide 2 has, like almost every ambulance in Thailand, the hospital’s corporate colours.  In our case we also have our mascot, Dr. Look, on the vehicles.  But the rescue vehicles, one of which is shown in all of the other slides, has some pretty wild graphics going on.  This level of cartoon-like graphics is very common.  The vehicles always have way more flashing lights and way more cartoon stuff than necessary.  But that’s the way it is.  

So for unfortunate accident victims, there’s a pretty good chance that a cartoon-like ambulance or pickup truck will come to the rescue.  And with seizure producing flashing lights, these rescue ranger vehicles will whisk you off to the nearest participating hospital – traffic permitting.

4 thoughts on “Rescue Rangers

  1. Po Teck Tuno! Seriously?Honestly, that graphic is a bit too “graphic”, I guess they do Sema to be taking their work seriously, but a knife?,

    • I agree that they probably have been a bit too aggressive with their graphic depictions. Most people brought in by these guys are traffic accident victims and not knife fight participants.

  2. The loud graphics and colours might make it easier to flag down an ambulance if / when suddenly needed (as has been known to happen).
    A specialized taxi service.

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