Rebel Female Monks

30 Jun

This is the second entry dedicated to Deborah.

Yesterday, I posted an entry on a female architect who has been designing some amazing buildings in Thailand.  As a woman, becoming  an architect in Thailand has been a real struggle, as this male dominated profession has erected walls to keep women out.  Hopefully these walls are now starting to be broken down.

In another ‘let’s erect walls to keep women out’ article I recently noticed, I discovered that in Thailand women cannot legally be ordained as full Buddhist monks.  They can be so-called novices, but not monks.  This is apparently a law.  

We tend to, in the west at least, see Buddhism as a pretty liberal and more easy going religion than western religions.  But I don’t think this is actually true.  The rules and regulations seem pretty strict, at least in Thailand, which is a country known for its generally peaceful Buddhist ways.

If you’re interested, check out this article about so-called Thai rebel female monks who are defying the laws and traditions to reach their goals.  Even if you’re not interested in the subject, the photos in the article are quite compelling.

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