One Tough Tree

14 Nov

Maybe Lara Croft will visit


Yesterday, I wrote about a tree that was turned into a Spirit House. Today, I want to show you how tough many of these Southeast Asian trees can be.

Some of you might have have been lucky enough to visit the the amazing temples located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. One temple in particular, Ta Prohm, is totally magical. This is the temple that has trees literally growing in and on the buildings. Slides 6 and 7 above show some views of these very athletic trees. If you have not had an opportunity to visit Cambodia, then you might have seen the Lara Croft movie Tomb Raider, starring Angelina Jolie, which was filmed there. (She’s in slide 8 with the trees in the background.)

The reason I mention Ta Prohm is that those trees seems to be doing fine without the normal earthy foundation generally needed to keep trees happy. The other day, while walking to the hospital from a meeting, I came upon a tree that seemed to defy the need for earthiness. It was growing right out of the roadway and sidewalk. There was no earth to support and provide it with access to water. Only asphalt and concrete were visible under this tree. The roots seemed like snakes slithering along the hard surfaces, trying to find water.

One sees a lot of these trees in Bangkok and other Southeast Asian cities. They sure are tough guys. They don’t seem to suffer either. This tree has beautiful leaves and looks healthy and happy. It’s clear that no sidewalk or road is going to hold this tree back from getting its nourishment.

The thing is that, given enough time, perhaps this tree will become like those Ta Prohm Temple trees and take over the nearby walls and cars and perhaps even attract Lara Croft for an adventure or two.

6 thoughts on “One Tough Tree

    • It’s funny that you show a Christmas tree. They are already being put up at all the malls in preparation for Christmas sales. Only in Bangkok!!!

    • No way am I going back there. They will probably put up a little plastic tree with branches going the wrong way. The malls, on the other hand, have gotten totally ready for Christmas in this 98% Buddhist country.

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