On Lok Yun: A Breakfast Icon

12 Nov

This past weekend, we went to a restaurant called On Lok Yun.  It’s located near China Town and it’s been around for about 80 years.  It’s an all day breakfast place that is open from 5:30am to 4:00pm everyday.  On Lok Yun is basically a hole in the wall ‘greasy spoon’  style of restaurant.  It’s a family run business and it’s super famous.  Everyone I talk to has either heard of it or eaten there many times.

This place is famous for it’s toast and custard specialty, but it also serves a western breakfast.  You can get eggs in any style with bacon, sausage and toast.  I settled for the house specialty, bread and custard, as we got there late and I had already had one breakfast, which was enough food for me.  The bread is baked on the premises daily and is always fresh.  What I had was delicious and cheap.  A full breakfast with all the fixings costs about $2.00.

Bangkok Blog readers know that food is a major part of the daily activities in Bangkok.  People here go through their days eating, on the street, in their workplaces, in restaurants, and at home.  Restaurants like On Lok Yun become part of the cultural heritage of Bangkok where hole in the wall eateries can become more famous and long-lived than 5-star Michelin restaurants.  People pull up to this particular hole in the wall in their Rolls-Royces just as often as they go to the fanciest Bangkok restaurants.

This website has some further information about On Lok Yun and why not check out the following video showing some of the food served, backed up with some cute but annoying music.

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