Oh My, A $63,000 Durian

2 Jul

I have written many times about my inability to like durian, the national fruit of Thailand.  One of my latest posts back in May 2018 discussed in greater detail the issues I have with durian.  It’s smelly and it tastes bad.  But Thais and everyone else in Southeast Asia loves it, so what do I know.  

But who would have thought that, in addition, to being smelly and tasting bad, it could also be valuable, like really valuable.  Like how about C$63,000 for one durian, the apparent king of durians.

Someone recently paid the equivalent of 63,000 Canadian dollars for one smelly durian at an auction.  This is staggering to me.  Anyway, there is a very brief piece in a BBC story along with links to other interesting durian stories.

Of course, we all place differing values on different things.  I might think a fancy car is worth spending a lot of money on.  You might disagree.  You might think a certain artist’s work is worth spending a fortune on.  Maybe I’ll disagree.  But $63,000 for one durian….I don’t get it.  You can’t even breed it to get a new super race of durians. But then I generally don’t spend $1,000 on a restaurant meal for two, or buy wine worth hundreds of dollars.

But a $63,000 durian!!! Oh My!!!🤧

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