More Tree Nymphs and Spirits

5 Oct

It takes a lot of Spirits to protect the Tidal Market


Last June, I posted an entry called The Tidal Market.  The entry was about a fairly large market near the hospital, on Soi Rubia, that is set up for the lunch hour and then is dismantled after lunch is done.  It comes in and then goes out just like the tides.  This is not a small market and so it’s pretty amazing how it gets assembled and disassembled so quickly.

The other day, while walking along the soi, I noticed two things of interest that I had missed on previous occasions.  One was a huge tree in the middle of the market with ribbons around its trunk. This tree was clearly the home of a Tree Nymph, although not as important as the one I saw at the fisherman’s harbour yesterday.  This very big tree, entrenched in the middle of the market, clearly had some importance and so maybe the local Tree Nymph took care of it and the market.  Perhaps she came and went, as the market only opens for a couple of hours each weekday, so maybe this is just a part time gig for her.  (She might have other jobs and house locations as well – maybe at other temporary markets, of which there are many in Bangkok.)

The other thing I noticed was a very lovely Spirit House.  This was a classical Spirit House design with traditional characters and a grandma, wearing pearls, and a grandpa sitting in the main building.  I thought that I should show this Spirit House to you, as it represents a very strong contrast to The Glass House that I wrote about a couple of days ago.  I have to admit that I like this old style a lot better.  It seems friendlier and is certainly less ostentatious.

I thought this was a pretty good find.  A Tree Nymph – albeit on part time duty – and a really nice example of a classically designed Spirit House all in one little market.  It clearly takes a lot of Spirits, working together to take care of the Tidal Market.

5 thoughts on “More Tree Nymphs and Spirits

  1. The spirit houses seem even more ornately decorated this trip. As if they are all part of some big party. Anything special going on? And love those pearls! Is the shoe store still busy?

    • I don’t think there is anything special going on. Maybe I’m just taking photos of different Spirit Houses that are catching my eye. The pearls look very attractive on grandma. As for the shoe store, it seems to be doing very well. Whenever I walk by, it seems pretty busy.

    • The thing about Spirits is that when they become Spirits some of them shrink. But their processions don’t. So sometimes you get a situation like this one where the Spirit, as seen in the real world, is small but its processions are the same size they’ve always been. That’s my theory.

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