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8 Oct

There’s more to the Bangkok Blog than just work 


During my colleague’s stay in Toronto, in addition to talking about business and telling people about Pencil, the robot, and his bigger brother Crayon, we went on an early morning walk. We started our hike in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery and then went into the David A. Balfour Park. There is no Autumn in Bangkok and except for a few parks in that gigantic city, there is not very much green space. My colleague had brought his big camera and was ready for a wonderful Canadian Autumn experience.

He was not disappointed. The day we picked was sunny and crisp. Most of the leaves had not changed colour yet, but that did not matter. The walk was perfect. We were transported into a world that might as well have been a 1,000 kilometres from Toronto or from any big city. He was shocked that this could exist in a city as big as Toronto. When we finally re-emerged onto Yonge Street, it was as if we had gone through some kind of time machine – from a primordial forest to a busy city in mere minutes.

To get this kind of experience in Bangkok takes hours of driving away from the city. My colleague suggested that even though it was great to see each other and even though we had some positive business discussions, the best part of his trip was the walk through one of Toronto’s forests. Perhaps it takes visitors to understand how wonderful our ravines and forested areas are. For example, I bet you didn’t know that Toronto has over 26,000 acres of ravines and forests versus Manhattan’s 2,600, which are mostly concentrated in Central Park.  That is pretty amazing.  We have become complacent, but to others, our trees and trails are a gift that should be cherished.

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