Hordes of Helpers

24 Aug

An army of Spirit helpers


This is day three of my latest visit to Bangkok.  I am still getting up to speed, as it seems like there will be a lot do during my stay.  I have not had much time to look around and see what’s up and what’s new.  However, one observation that I have made is that there are a lot of Spirit Houses with hordes of Spirit helpers.  Most Spirit Houses in Bangkok have a reasonable number of animals and people hanging around.  But the odd Spirit House seems to go all out with armies of helpers, I guess, intended to provide better protection or help.  Or maybe there were lots of these helpers on sale.  I have no idea what’s behind these multitudes of dancers, chickens and elephants.  Maybe the Spirits in these houses are expecting to be attacked and have gathered a chicken army for defence purposes.  Like I said, I have no idea.

Check out the photos above.  And please be aware that this very short entry is well guarded by trained chickens.

8 thoughts on “Hordes of Helpers

  1. Please do not think that our hordes of zebras now need dancing chicken guardians. Please. I’m begging…..

    • Yes, this is certainly possible. Perhaps 1,000 years from now archeologists will find these chickens buried and speculate as to their purpose.

  2. How nice that the Chinese cannot take credit for all the clay soldiers, animals and associated stuff in the spirit realm!

    I am heartened the People of Thailand have pushed back!

    I have a similar habit concerning socks in my bedroom fyi. I just thought I would mention it, as all cultures celebrate not pissing off the Fate Sisters in their own way). For me, socks, lying near my laundry bin is Symbolic of a long day, thankfulness of being home and knowing new socks are waiting nearby in a drawer to help me battle in the coming days. Like Noah’s Ark, two by Two! Very bibical when you think of it….

    I would think the Thai’s feel more is better. For me, two is fine. Minimalist, but fine

    Thinking minimally in Canada

    • It’s good karma to stick to the things in life that are simple. Pairs of socks make sense. In Thailand, I suspect most people don’t wear socks. They wear flip flops – again just a pair. Keep it simple like you say. The other thing is, and I haven’t checked closely, is that I think it’s possible that the chickens were wearing socks. Or maybe that particular Spirit House was a laundromat location and the chickens were waiting for their socks to be cleaned.

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