Christmas Comes to Bangkok

30 Nov

With more trees, fake snow and, oh no, Christmas carols


It’s not even December yet.  But the Christmas trees are already up everywhere that I’ve been so far in Bangkok. And I haven’t been to that many places yet. The cashiers in the big box stores have Santa hats on and there is a Winter Wonderland Theme going on in one of the big malls.  Giant polar bears and fake snow have also turned up at one of the malls.

I seem to talk about this each time I’m in Bangkok at this time of year.  There are more Christmas trees and decorations in this 90%+ Buddhist country than in Canada or the US.  It’s crazy town at Christmas time in Bangkok.  Of course, it’s all about shopping.  But what’s weird is that there is even a Christmas tree in the lobby of my apartment building.  This is a building where I would guess that at least 85-90% of the residents are local Thai Buddhists. I’ve also noticed Christmas trees in other apartment building lobbies as well.  No matter, Christmas is big here and everyone seems to get into the act.

The most egregious aspects of all this Bangkok Christmas cheer are are carols.  There are carols and Mariah Carrey Christmas songs playing in every mall, in every shop, at every train station, everywhere.  It’s ridiculous.

So, on this last day of November, live from Buddhist Bangkok, Merry Christmas!!!

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Comes to Bangkok

  1. This may be my least favourite shopping mall season in Bangkok. I feel like the egregiousness and surreal aspects of the Bangkok malls are turned to 11 at Christmas time and the mall Christmas music is somehow even worse than in Toronto.

    • Hopefully the video will not be widely viewed in Thailand. My concern is that once it got a lot of views, some enterprising Thai knock off entrepreneur would build a fake Marshall amp which would, by the way, look exactly the same as the real one, with the exception that the volume would go up to 12. That would make Christmas carols at Bangkok malls even more gruesome.

  2. Egregious or not, no snakes or bugs! Although I must admit Mariah Carey- tough call. Is the Marshall Spinal Tap clip a comment on mariah Carey and other loud Christmas singers?

    • It’s true that none of the carols I’ve heard so far included references to snakes or crickets, so that’s a plus. However, I think the video should be taken as a philosophical comment on forcing ones will on everyone in the vicinity. If the mall guys could put the volume up to 12, I am pretty sure they would.

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