Bless This House

21 Jun

Monks bless my home and me


If you happen to own or live in a condo or apartment building in Canada, it’s likely that there are annual general meetings, maintenance updates and other similar undertakings. That’s true here in Bangkok as well, but the Thai’s go one step farther. They make sure that the buildings, units and residents are all blessed.

Today was the annual blessing of the place in which I live. Nine Buddhist Monks came to the building to bless all of the units and all of the residents. There was chanting and there was food, two staples of Thai life. The whole experience was quite nice as I feel like I have an additional insurance policy in addition to the one I purchased from the LMG Insurance (Public) Company Limited. That policy covers fire and water damage, theft and all of the things one expects from a insurance plan. However, this Buddhist policy covers so much more. It provides positive Karma and improves the living quality of the apartment.

All in all it seemed like time well spent as I got a new and more ethereal insurance plan for my apartment as well as a very nice meal. I believe the maintenance fees used to pay for the event were totally worth it.

I have posted a short 30 second movie of part of the chanting ceremony below, just to put you in an insurance purchaser frame of mind.

8 thoughts on “Bless This House

    • I’ll check to see if they are available. However, I think you might need a different crew. I had the “insurance team.” You will need the “lets put a foot on the gas” team. I can check to see if there is a chance for Skype chanting.

    • Since the ceremony lasted about 60 minutes, not including the food part, I’d say that for a full insurance policy effect, you’d need to watch the video 120 times. I think watching it once would probably protect one of your kitchen appliances.

  1. Mine is a rental apartment but I have a feeling the ‘Blessing’ and Karma will work for all of us here as well.
    Thanks. love, S

    • I don’t think they go unit to unit, but maybe they do special requests. You would have to have lots of food ready and a place for 9 monks to sit in a row.

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