An Unusual Spirit House

3 Jul

There’s a very large condo/office development, not far from my apartment, called the W District.  It’s also a bit of an art district with a lot of weird stuff going on in its open spaces.  I wrote about this place back in June 2016.  I also wrote about back in March 2014, when it was still in construction.  In that entry, I was particularly interested in the weird space ship that seemed to be part of the development. (It’s actually a lounge.)

The other day, while walking through this area, I took a closer look at the development’s Spirit House.  Like the rest of the place, it’s a bit strange.  The structure is very large and mostly made of glass, although there seems to be a stainless steel storage unit included.  There’s a statue of the Indian God, Ganesh, sitting within the structure.  Unlike the normal representations of Ganesh, this one seems to be partly weaponized with a hatchet and a kirpan as well as being lavishly dressed in a colourful skirt-like affair.  But it’s a Spirit House nonetheless.  There are two little bottles of strawberry fanta and some incense.  For such a big House, I would have thought there could be a bit more on the offerings table.  But whatever.  

This is the W District community’s Spirit House and while it’s different from almost every other one that I’ve seen, it seems to fit into its environment quite nicely. One final thing to notice in the last slide is that there seems to be a pretty weird looking deer or moose peering down on the Spirit House from above. It’s almost like it’s acting as a lookout making sure that no one messes with Ganesh. Mind you, who’s going to mess with a multi-armed elephant carrying a hatchet and a sword.

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