A Thai Architect to Watch

29 Jun

Following the death of my friend Deborah, I thought I would take a couple of days to decompress. I also thought that the next couple of entries could be dedicated to women who are accomplished and successful, like Deborah was with her scholarship, poetry and gardening.

Generally, I don’t spend a lot of time discussing architecture in the Bangkok Blog.  But sometimes I see a building or an article that is, in some way, special.  I have posted lots entries on temples, of course.  But every so often there is some modern building that seems blog worthy.  The last one of these posts was in November 2018.  There was an earlier one in August 2017.

Recently, I saw an article in an American/British design website. It highlighted the work of a young Thai architect, Boonserm Premthada  The work the article covered was very cool, so I thought I would link to it and steal some of its photos of buildings designed by her.  The fact that she is a woman is also important.  As hard as it’s been for women to break into the profession in Canada, it has been doubly difficult for women to become architects in Thailand, so the fact that Miss Boonserm is getting the recognition she deserves is a good thing.

I have, in a number of past entries, written that the quality of architecture in Thailand has been steadily improving.  Talented young Thai architects are being trained in Thailand and staying in the country.  They have been getting good quality commissions to produce very compelling work.  In fact, there is more innovation going on in Thai architecture than what we are seeing in Canada.  This is also true in places like Vietnam and Singapore.  I guess the popular phrase, Asia is Rising, is definitely true for architecture as well as for business and education.

Check out the article and photos.  It’s all pretty impressive.

2 thoughts on “A Thai Architect to Watch

  1. Deb would have loved reading about accomplished young architects. Their time is now. Interesting blend of modern and traditional combinations of form and materials

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