A Neglected Concrete Spirit House

14 Nov

A few days ago , I got sent out to assess whether a building that is for sale would be a good purchase for the business.  It wasn’t.  However, on the roof this building, there was a very interesting Spirit House that, while not very different in design from others, was pretty neat in the way that it was built.  This Spirit House, located about 8-storeys in the air, was built out of concrete.  The aggregate used was made of of tiny stones, some that were very colourful.

This Spirit House was very solid with every part of it, including its columns built of concrete.  It shone in the sun and it looked ancient because of the wear and tear that its roof top placement created.

While I wasn’t impressed with the building below, the construction of this concrete Spirit House was interesting.  It was too bad that there were no offerings for the Spirits.  Maybe that’s why the building below wasn’t very impressive.  How one takes care of a Spirit House often helps understand how the human building it guards is cared for.  In this case, a neglected Spirit House suggested an equally neglected building below.

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