A Cool Thai Building Project

11 Aug

Young Thai architects are doing some excellent work


Every so often, I cover architecture and design in the Bangkok Blog. This entry is about a very interesting building I recently visited.

When I first started coming to Bangkok many years ago, almost every prestige building in the city was designed by an American or European architect. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Thai architects, particularly young Thai architects, have demonstrated that they can produce world class design.  The building I visited was designed by a young Thai firm and it’s a very cool building.

Bangkok has a lot of so-called serviced apartments.  These buildings are essentially hotels with rooms that are furnished in a manner that allows for longer stays. I’m sure Toronto has many of these types of facilities as well. Lots of expats coming to work in Bangkok for a specific period of time prefer these types of accomodation over straight hotel rooms.  I imagine the daily rates are less expensive as well as they are booked for weeks or months at a time.

The building I visited, which has just opened, is called the Hachi Serviced Apartment.  It has a pretty cool design motif, based on gables, which one sees in traditional Thai architecture all over the country.  The exterior and interior of the building are designed in such a way as to reflect single buildings that have been glued together.  The effect is extremely attractive.  The gable effect in the interiors is consistent and nicely done.  All in all, the young Thai architectural crew responsible for the design did a great job.

Take a look at the slides to see what I mean about nice design.  The last slide shows a typical floor plan. You’ll notice that the slides are pretty professional looking. That’s because I didn’t take them. I’m not that good a photographer. These are photos that were provided to me by the building owner.

Thai architecture had come a long way in the past several years.  This small serviced apartment building is a nice example.  It’s good to see local designers being hired for local projects.

3 thoughts on “A Cool Thai Building Project

  1. Very cool, indeed! Love the stairs, direct front and side views. The gables do create consistency, and continuing to the interiour, down the hallway, through to the doorways, seem to lend an almost spiritual feel (Can I say cloister-like [not in a negative sense] view of the hallways?), towards very modern rooms (with gabled headboards!) in a very modern building.

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