A Banyan Tree Protects a Market

12 Jul

I didn’t post an entry yesterday, as I was in meetings all through the day and well into the night.  That explains the missing day in the life of the Bangkok Blog.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about a banyan tree with its Spirit House protector that I had seen at a temple during my time away from Bangkok.  This reminded my of another banyan tree just near my apartment.

Back in September of 2016 I wrote about this tree in a place that I called the Tidal Market.  During that visit, I had noticed the tree after the market had moved on, just like a vanishing tide.  During a recent lunch break, while the market was in full swing – the tide being in – I almost missed that tree which was hidden away by all the vendors and patrons.    The tree seems to be almost dead centre in the market area and its branches and leaves pop out the top, providing an awning over the roof of the market area.  This canopy, that is suspended over the roof, provides some cooling and protection from the hot lunchtime sun, as that’s when the market runs.   And because the market area is large and free of buildings, the tree’s extensive root system has plenty of room to spread.

This tree is also the home of a tree nymph.  (I explained what that is in this entry.)  All in all the tree, the market and the tree nymph seem to work together to make this area a hugely successful gathering place for people during their lunch hours.  The Tidal Market is always packed and that’s probably because the food is great and inexpensive, there are bargains galore to be had and on a hot day it’s cool inside, probably mostly because of the incredible tree that shoots through the structure to provide shade from above.  I have a feeling that when it rains, the tree also reduces the amount of work that the market roof needs to do to keep those inside dry.

Banyan trees are very important in Thailand and like the temple banyan tree, this market banyan tree is part of the Thai personality.

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  1. At e you can bring home some tree nymphs to help protect our poor pathetic trees. They are needing some good care.

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