This Entry is Pointless

15 Nov

I’m not sure why this entry is included in a blog about Bangkok.  The fact is that there was a recent exhibition in a local Bangkok gallery that was kind of weird and interesting in a pointed sort of way.  The artist, Salavat Fidai, was showing pencils with their leads carved in Game of Throne themes.  Now, obviously, Game of Thrones has nothing to do with Thailand or Asia. However Asia produces some of the best pencils in the world.  Just near the hospital there is a large Staedtler HQ for Southeast Asia and it so happened that the pencils in question were made by Staedtler.  I think this company might have been the sponsor. So I figured that an exhibition of pencil lead sculptures done by a non Thai artist about a non Thai subject seemed reasonable to write about.  After all, the exhibition was in Bangkok at least for a while..

There’s not much more to say.  I needed reading glasses and a provided magnifying glass to see the little pencil lead sculptures.  How the artist carved minute pencil leads into characters that were very detailed gave me a bit of a headache, just thinking about it.  But there they were, lots of pencils with Game of Thrones characters in their leaden glory.

I suppose these pencils were no longer useful as pencils and I should let you know that the erasers were not carved.  Actually, these pencils didn’t have erasers. Maybe that will be the next project for this artist.

Take a look at the photos, which are from a website, as I couldn’t take good shots through the glass cases in which the pencils lived.

Since these pencil leads represent characters from the Game of Thrones series, it seems to me that it’s worth asking who’s the King of the pencil case?  I imagine that it’s the ruler, of course.  Also, I hope that in moving this exhibition around from place to place, that none of the pencil leads break.  That would definitely be pointless. If you’ve gotten this, here is a video showing the creation of the pointed beauties.

I’ve made my points. I’m done now, thankfully.

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