Thipsamai Pad Thai

27 Aug

The most famous Pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok


Pad Thai is one of Thailand’s most famous dishes and the most famous place to eat Pad Thai in Bangkok is at a restaurant call Thipsamai (or Thip Samai). This restaurant, located not too far from the Democracy Monument, has been serving Pad Thai for over 60 years.  The restaurant is famous for its unique recipe, it’s specially squeezed orange juice and for its crazy busy atmosphere.

I went there on Saturday night and even with a bit of rain falling, there were hundreds of people lined up to either get a seat in the restaurant or get take out.  However, the service is lightening fast, as Thipsamai only serves one dish, in multiple variations, and that’s Pad Thai.  And you can only get orange juice, coconut juice, soft drinks or water.  By the way, Thipsamai’s orange juice is also very famous.  It’s freshly squeezed everyday. It’s amazingly fresh.  You need a spoon to finish it because there is so much pulp.  (Each bottle must be finished on the day of bottling.)  Thipsamai’s simple menu makes for an assembly line service that can process an amazing amount of customers in a reasonably short period of time.

I took some pictures of the restaurant, which are shown above.  Below is a short video from YouTube that someone else has taken.  If you’re interested, you can search the restaurant’s name on YouTube and find many more videos.  This is one popular restaurant that almost always has lines of people waiting to get in.

You can get Pad Thai at almost any restaurant in Thailand, but Thipsamai sits at the pinnacle of the Pad Thai world.  I have been to this restaurant a few times over the years and I definitely agree that the Pad Thai here is the best I’ve ever tasted.  I’m no authority on Pad Thai quality and I suspect there are many experts who will argue whether Thipsamai is the best.  But it sure is the most famous.  There is no arguing on this point.

For a closer look at what makes Pad Thai so unique, you might want to take a look at this very well made video produced by the Thai government.  I think I might have posted this video in the past, but sometimes a rerun is not such a bad thing.


13 thoughts on “Thipsamai Pad Thai

    • It’s now possible, I think, to buy the secret Thipsamai Pad Thai sauce. Apparently, it’s this sauce that allows the dish to taste so good. Check out this link

    • Absolutely. Whenever I have been there, the line up has been pretty festive. It seems like no one is too put out by the wait, which is never that long anyway.

  1. Okay, I have only one thing to say: that was not a chicken as stated in the video, that was very clearly a rooster, so you tell the Thai tourism board I said that is false advertising.

    I bet there are indeed more turkey’s in Thailand than roosters, and therefore my university biology first year class taught me as well a fair number of chickens, but let us be fair and tell the truth when advertising my fav dish!

    I noticed they also managed to squeeze in some unrelated stuff so I guess some employees in Thai Tourism have relatives in those other business interests (ie a kick boxing school and a costume rental agency) yet over the piece is well done, in that typical Thai fashion of always sorting things out and doing it well in the end

    Like pad thai

    The end

    Confused in Canada

    • Yes, she did say chicken and yes it was a rooster. When I next see the Minister of Tourism, I’ll mention it. And no, I doubt if there are more turkeys than chickens in Thailand.

      The video is very well made. In just over two minutes, the main character, Pad Thai, helps explain lot of amazing things about Thailand. I think you should meet with the Canadian Minster of Tourism – if there is one – and suggest a similar short video, using a Tim Horton’s donut as the main character. It could be used to tell the story of Amazing Canada.

  2. But how would a chicken fit into timmies? Maybe that morning egg on bagel thing, but let’s face it, those are neither real eggs nor bagels!

    The minister of Tourism is your friend? Wow! More power than the Wizard of Oz! Jane Philpott is my friend and when I get an email here and there I feel special, and you know THE minister of Tourism in Thailand. The most important political post? In that country? You never fail to impress!!!

    Roosters,Turkey or chicken, in this gender neutral world, we are All the same. Just ask Cher!

    Confused in Canada


    • I wouldn’t exactly say the Minister is my friend. But if I do happen to see her, I’ll bring up the issues we’ve raised. You’re right that it’s an important post. But I can’t say that I’m ever consulted. Maybe some chickens would like to hear what I have to say.

  3. Be a Brave, Bold chicken and tell the Honourable Minister that Canadians and indeed much of the world know well the difference between various poultry gender issues, but in the end, Chicken pad thai wins!

    (except for Pat who is strictly Vegan..)


    Ps: maybe not in the US would the general population know the difference when I think about it

    • Absolutely. The restaurant is very nice and close to public transit. The owners have managed to turn all of the traditional Thai dishes into vegetarian versions. That’s not such an easy thing to do in a country that lives on seafood, chicken and pork. However, the food in this place is very good.

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