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Aliens from Space Need to be Counted Too

Bangkok is a really big city. Although the 2007 census indicated that the population was 8.2 Million, it is agreed by all, including government officials, that the real number is no less than 12.5 Million and more likely around 15 million upwards. Some university geographers have suggested the number is more like 18 Million…

The reason for the huge discrepancy is that only permanent residents with fixed addresses get counted. Migrants, illegal folks from Burma, Laos, Cambodia and elsewhere don’t get counted and everyone admits that there is probably one illegal resident for every counted permanent resident living in Bangkok. Another group that I suspect doesn’t get counted in the Thai census are aliens. I mean the type that come from outer space.

Why do I mention outer space aliens? I mention them because I saw one of their space ships, masquerading as a condo piece or something. Just near where I live a new monster condominium has been built and all of a sudden, I noticed that in front of the building, there seemed to be a space ship on some sort of landing pad. At least it looked like a space ship. It was just hanging over the street. You never know what could be inside. If it wasn’t a space ship, then it was one weird condo piece, which is not so unusual in Bangkok, a city where one condo developer is always trying to out weird the condo guy next door. But allowing alien space ships to become part of the condo development is certainly a new twist. Maybe it is some sort of new and interesting marketing ploy. Maybe our Toronto condo developers should be trying to sell their units to space aliens.

I hope the census guys don’t miss this one. There could be a lot of alien life forms in that space ship shaped thing.

POSTSCRIPT: The Banyan Trees

As I write this on Monday morning, I noticed that the trunks of the two Banyan trees are now gone. I have also learned that the roots have been removed from the drainage pipes. This must of happened on Sunday night. It’s as if those trees never existed. I will hope again that in the Buddhist tradition, the two trees have been reborn as noble beings.

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