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14 Dec

The final entry for this trip – more food porn


This is my last day in Bangkok and so that means that this last entry is the food porn entry.  As always, almost everything shown is from one of the company sites and everything served was great.

I did have a few meals out and some of the food consumed, not from our kitchens, is shown as well.  For the first time, I had a pizza from a takeaway pizza joint called the Pizza Company.  1  As with everything else Thai, in addition to the pizza, which was good, you get additional chili and seasonings that can easily blow the top of your head off. 2

As an aside, since we’re talking about food, the Michelin folks were recently around for the first time in Thailand and awarded a number of Bangkok restaurants Michelin Stars.  This is not surprising, as Bangkok has some of the best restaurants in the world.  The city is known for its amazing and wonderful variety of foods.  But what was surprising was that one of the restaurants given a 1-star rating is a street hawker, Jay Fai, or Auntie Fay.  She has had a small road side hawker restaurant called Raan Jay Fai for many years.  Unlike other hawkers, her food is not cheap, costing many times more than other hawkers, but she has become so famous in Bangkok that she can now get the pricing she wants.  The Michelin star will probably drive up her prices even more.  A number of years ago, I had crab at her place and it was good.  However, there are hawkers in town that serve equally good crab at a fraction of the cost.  But it’s good to see street food being recognized as gourmet fare.

This visit has been super busy.  The number of projects seem to be unending.  The short breaks for the Run for the Sea and the Crematorium tour were welcomed and unforgettable.  And the breaks for meals always created a nice distraction from the work.

Until the next time, The Bangkok Blog is out for lunch….

  1. Apparently it used to be the Pizza Hut, but a dispute between the American franchiser and Thai franchisee caused the Thai to get out of the agreement and, within two weeks, change all the signs and marketing material in dozens of shops to the new name.
  2. Slide #17

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