Movie Archive

The videos in this archive page will take a bit of time to load – or maybe a lot of time, particularly if you use an ad blocker – as the list is quite extensive, so please be patient. Perhaps you can get a snack, listen to a podcast or do the laundry while you’re waiting. Maybe you might even want to read the explanation piece below.

An Explanation

Over the years I have produced a number of short movies to accompany my Bangkok Blog entries. Most of them were pretty silly, but they generally told a story about an aspect of Thai culture that some might find interesting, or perhaps amusing.

Occasionally, I refer Bangkok Blog readers to one of these movies, but that means that I have to find it and the viewer has to link to it and all that takes time. The most time consuming exercise is trying to find which Blog entry contained which movie. So, in this newly revamped Bangkok Blog website, I have decided to collect movies in an archive so that viewers can just watch them if they want.  The listing also helps me find videos to which I might want to refer without spending too much time searching through hard to find entries.

I did have a movie archive but recently, because of technology changes by Apple and Google, that old movie page and all of it’s movies broke.  Nothing was viewable in the latest web browsers so I had to build this new movie archive. This latest Bangkok Blog format is also a result of technology changes that rendered the previous versions unusable.   If you happen to be reading one of the entries from prior Bangkok Blog versions, the videos within them will probably not work.  There is not much that I can do about that except to refer you to this archive.  Sometimes technology sucks.

Below you will find the movies in a very long list through which you can scroll. They are in alphabetical order and are on this site only for archiving purposes.  If I refer to an old post that has a movie, I will make sure to also embed a repaired version of the movie in the new entry, as it will no longer work in the original posting.

One wonders about the life spans of various data formats. The companies that are responsible for technology seem to change the rules every so often, thus rendering some old versions of stuff unreadable. (Try reading stuff on an old floppy disk for example.) Hopefully the videos archived below, as well as this blog site format, will hang around for awhile.

The Archive