Colourful Mini Cement Trucks

16 Nov

We’ve all seen cement trucks roaming the streets delivering their product to various construction sites. Nothing special. That’s pretty true here in Bangkok as well. There are large cement trucks delivering cement to projects all over the city.

But Bangkok has some special circumstances that make it impossible for the large trucks we are used to get into the smaller streets. These streets are either too narrow or too congested to make delivering cement via a big truck impossible. So there are also fleets of mini cement trucks that turn up to smaller projects on smaller streets. A couple of these mini trucks turned up at a house construction site just near our acute care hospital campus. Not only were these tucks small, but they were also extremely colourful. Their rotating drums were painted in lovely ocean motifs. There were revolving dolphins, coral and exotic fish spinning away, adding lots of colour to the cement delivery process.

These mini cement trucks are not only very maneuverable in small and tight Bangkok streets, but they are also colourful and toy-like. Maybe we should have these little trucks in Toronto, perhaps having revolving polar bears and fir trees.

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