An Awesome Temple

10 Nov

Yesterday, I visited the Wat (Temple) Ratchabophit.  It’s located very near Bangkok’s Grand Palace and it’s something to behold.  For a number of years it has been left in a poor state of repair.  However, recently, the government decided to invest significant funding to restore it to its original glory.  And glorious it is.  I won’t go into the history of this temple.  It has been around for a long time.  Here’s a quick Wikipedia overview and another from a Bangkok tourist guide.

Since the temple is essentially closed to tourists, although it’s okay to walk through the outdoor areas, it was possible for us to take a walk around the grounds to at least see what has been accomplished so far.  The detail and workmanship are awesome.  We were not yet allowed inside, but we did get a quick picture or two of what it will look like once the indoor work is complete.

The first photo above shows the view of the temple from above and then the rest will give you a sense of what the outer areas look like.  I think that once the restoration is complete in a few months, this temple will become one of Bangkok’s next major tourist draws.  It deserves to be.  The buildings, the details and the restoration work are awesome.

2 thoughts on “An Awesome Temple

  1. Awesome! Were the buildings already covered in tile and gold and needing repair and cleaning, or did they apply new gold leaf and tile?

    • I think they were covered in tile and gold leaf. However the building was dirty and many of the tiles were broken. Artisans had to recreate the tiles, install them and then carefully clean the entire building. We saw a lot of workers carefully laying new tiles and cleaning parts of the buildings with small brushes. This restoration effort is pretty amazing in how it’s being carried out.

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