An Accessible Spirit House – Sort Of

8 Nov

It seems like I can never write enough about Spirit Houses.  I just can’t stop myself.  This entry is about an attempt to make a particular Spirit House a bit more accessible – sort of.

We all know that designing solutions for buildings that allow for greater accessibility is very important.  Whether we’re thinking about creating entries that don’t require steps or perhaps are thinking about lifts or ramps, creating accessible buildings is an important issue.  So why shouldn’t this be true for Spirit Houses as well.

Recently, I came upon a Spirit House not far from my apartment that makes a marginal attempt at accessibility.  In this case the designers wondered about those Spirits whose ability to get into a high Spirit House from the sidewalk level is compromised.  Now, it would have been better if in the ‘spirit’ of true accessibility, a lift could have been used. However, there is at least a stair from the sidewalk to the front door of the Spirit House.  I’m not sure how easy it is to get up and down the stairs, but at least there is some way to accommodate those Spirits who might need some help and who cannot jump up into the entry.

It’s a bit lame as an accessibility feature but it is what it is.

From a human perspective, one has to wonder why there is a staircase at all.  Everyone knows that Spirits can fly or at least beam from space to space.  Who actually uses this staircase?  Cats maybe.  Or rats (heaven forbid!)  It’s all strange.  But it represents yet another noteworthy design in my collection of Thai Spirit House stories.

There’s one more thing. Because I feel that accessibility is very important, I have added some feature ideas, shown in the last two slides, that I feel will help those non-beaming or flying Spirits get into and out of their house. You can see how these ideas work when moving between slides 7, 8 & 9. It seems to me that every accessible Spirit House should have an escalator or maybe even an elevator.

4 thoughts on “An Accessible Spirit House – Sort Of

  1. I agree that lack of proper accessibility is always an issue, in this case it may have been done on purpose, to keep out any riff raff and other non flyers.

    • That’s possible. Generally speaking, I hope that riff raff respect Spirit Houses and stay away. But who knows, perhaps this group of Spirits weren’t taking any chances.

    • You’re right. Not only is this a Spirit elevator, but it’s also a phone booth for those Spirits who have forgotten their mobile phones.

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