A Quiet Street in Bangkok

15 Nov

How unusual


Most tourists who come to Bangkok generally see a city with huge energy, huge traffic jams, huge temples and really huge shopping malls and markets. However there are parts of the city are quiet and very residential in nature.

The other day, while taking a short walk to work off a huge lunch, I came upon a very small street that almost seemed like one of the side streets that one sees in smaller cities in France. The street was totally quiet.  I suppose most of the residents were at work. Unlike some of the other streets in the neighbourhood that combine living and work environments and so are busy all the time, this street seemed to be, with only a couple of quiet exceptions, devoted to housing. In my experience, this is rare in the heart of Bangkok. I suppose one sees this more in the suburbs, but in a location so close to the downtown, I was surprised to hear so much quiet. Usually there are at least a few restaurants, a body shop, a laundry and a bunch of other businesses on this type of street.

There was, of course, the community Spirit House at the top of the street, as it connected to Rama 4, one of the busiest roadways in Bangkok, but once past the Spirit House, one almost could have been in a small rural town. Even the scale of the street was very different. While there are many very narrow streets in the city, most have buildings that are at least 4 – 5 storeys high, this street’s buildings were only three high.

After walking for a minute or so, I stopped to enjoy the silence, and then continued. Five minutes later I was back into the noise, the food and the hustle of regular Bangkok life.

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Street in Bangkok

  1. As quiet as this street appears, the broken roads, smashed up car, and most significantly, endless power lines, indicate a the massive population and busyness. And they never have to rake leaves?????

    • Everything you say is true. This street probably has huge population density. But it was quiet when I walked through. That’s got be worth something.

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