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27 Mar

Prachak Pet Yang: A restaurant with over 100 years of history


Readers of this blog know that much of its contents are devoted to food, mostly eaten at one of our healthcare facilities.  And why not?  Thailand is famous for its food and Bangkok is famous for its restaurants.  And we are pretty famous for the quality of the food we serve as well.  So food gets a lot of coverage on the Bangkok Blog.

The other day, I noticed an article in a Bangkok based web news blog called Coconuts Bangkok. This site carries lots of news about the goings on in Bangkok and in Thailand.  There was one particular article on a restaurant that I have often eaten at called Prachak Pet Yang.  This is a restaurant that was started in 1909, when it was called, in the English translation, New Shop.  The restaurant has been handed down from generation to generation and continues to be incredibly popular today and still run by the descendants of the family that started it.  I should know because I have eaten their specialty, roasted duck with rice, many times and it’s awesome and not very expensive.

You might want to take a look at the article.  The history of the family that owns the restaurant, dating back to 1878, is interesting and also fairly typical of the restaurant scene in Bangkok.  Unlike restaurants in Toronto that mostly come and go, with some exceptions, restaurants in Bangkok very often have histories dating back 25, 50, 75 or even 100 years.  It’s amazing how many small restaurants in Bangkok have incredible and illustrious histories just like Prachak Pet Yang or Jay Fai’s restaurant, the one that won the Michelin star, that I talked about several entries ago.  Even our business, which is over 40 years old, has been serving great food during that time and our restaurant for the public is now about 10 years old and is going strong.  It’s also not unusual for these restaurants that are many years old to still be run by family members.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, food and Bangkok go hand in hand and the story of Prachak Pet Yang is a typical and wonderful part of that partnership.  By the way, the last slide above has a shot of that wonderful duck and rice dish, which is the restaurant’s specialty.  The first two photos were taken many years ago.  It’s still in the same place, but has been modelled, I imagine, a number of times.

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